Gravelord Nito Sweat Shirt/ DARK SOULS × TORCH TORCH Sweat Shirt
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Gravelord Nito Sweat Shirt/ DARK SOULS × TORCH TORCH Sweat Shirt

8,800 JPY

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* Late 6/2021 〜 Middle 7/2021 scheduled shipping.

The popular T-shirt designs of the Dark Souls × TORCH TORCH collaborations “Gravelord Nito” released in the past are now also available as sweatshirts. The fabric is a luxurious 12.0 oz brushed-back sweatshirt material. Miasma swirls around a mass of skeletons in this design with a grungy, graffiti stencil touch. The grain of the fabric flows horizontally, rather than the more common vertically, and features panels of ribbing on the sides. This design ensures it won’t lose its shape, even after repeated washing. The more you wear it, the more you will be able to enjoy the unique, heavy texture of the fabric as it gets better with age. It has a loose, vintage look and feels. Each shirt comes with a special tag stiched at the bottom of the design featuring a depiction of a bonfire; the foremost image associated with the “Dark Souls” series. Currently, shipping to the US, Canada, and Australia take longer.